Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's been a year???


It's been a year since i posted any shit in my blog. At first my reason to write blog(s), well saja jadi pak-turut. Org be-blog diri pun kn be-blog tia jua. Jubo! Anyway, good news~i'm still alive and well. hahahahaha~ I bet people might or have assumed that i'm either dead or perhaps lazy. Lazy it is... :D I still find so amazing that it's been a year. And i feel like i have been living in uk for centuries. Centuries atu mcm inda logic jua tu ah but who cares...mi blog!:p

Anyhoots... updates~ (thinking back to last year..summer? *scratching heads* trying to recall)

First things first, i had an ok summer last year. Went for a job attachment as PE teacher, which i truly enjoyed. hahahaha...Other than that, i just prisoned myself in my own house most of the time. Why? This guy needed his break. There were dramas happening during that time as well which made me RE-evaluate my friendship with certain people. I might have and/or used to be mean to people but i've changed into being more sensible and perhaps you can call it 'mature'. hah... Some of you i bet would laugh . lols~ But banar la... I found out that even though you are friends for more than 10 years but still it cracked on me! :') I lost that friendship spark with a close friend. I guess we both have changed and we are not the same people. That's how i see it. And i respect that. But so sayang kan??? I guess friends come and go like money. Loyal ones are hard to find, including credit cards. ehe.

GOOD news!!! I shopped less this year... well, far less than i'd expected. But ok-ok si... Though i don't shop as i used to, i've learned to save-up (i know it sounds off, Khal+saving up= impossible). Pi banar la... I started to think about my own responsibilities the moment i turned 'twenteen'. Why not 20? Sal aku muda n ko inda... suck it! Sorry... Actually I'm quiet stressed-out trying to figure out on my presentation for next week. My mind went dormant on me this holiday ( 2 fuckin' weeks only!!!). WHY??? I guess my mind is over worked kali since i am workaholic ( Few knew that about me)= eseh...dedicated wah tu. :p Owh yeah, mum sent me sambal tahai and hati buyah from brunei... hahah bek jua tahai tu survive. Caya~ taisliur kn tahai. JJANG!

... Owh ya, Some might find this unbelievable but yes, aku jadi less social this year. Not trying to be a loner but just focusing on the important things like my reason here. I has been doing me good lately even though i couldn't escape from having encounter with what else~ DRAMA(s)! A relationship went awkward after intense confrontation. Imagine this- Your friends got issues *Saturdays song playing in head* and you are actually right in the middle of it without knowing about it. Kali nya, this huge thing just landed on me like a mahusive stone. So pendek cerita, now is not as it's used to.. and i miss the before. Other than that, i got confronted in msn from a particular person, sounding like he/she does not approve of my attitude= existence in Loughborough. JUDGEMENTAL berabis! I know my bitchy level went far down like downdown as i'm growing up into a sensible guy, i guess. But i was frustrated that i didn't retaliate. Owh well, I just let god handle it and i have faith and believe that the scum will get it.. big time! Sungguh kasian ya makhluk itu... Moving on~

This year i got transferred to HND ... haaa~~~ It was a surprise though. Still waiting for moe confirmation.... and it's semester 2 udh. adui! Anyway, it's tough but i won't give up. I like doing what i'm doing and you lots who don't, move over just go back to where you came from. Nyusah saja. My EX-math teacher always quote this in every lesson, 'Don't make your life complicated'. Banar th tu nampak gaya nya. Pi whatever rintangan yang tani face, face it with confidence. Aku rindu kn c khalid yg dulu tapi what can i do... It's khal now and move on babe! FIGHTING!!!

UUUU~ my story so long. should i stop? i think i should. lol. For now~


Note: will re-vamp my blog soon. Hopefully..heee. For now, vanilla (plain) it is.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Break!!!

Another once in a journal moment here...

Currently, we are having our easter break and to me this is the time to indulge myself with chocolates. I know i'm not suppose to eat em' but hell!!!... who can resist it???. I spent most of my times before easter heading the gym and this holiday i plan to pamper myself with food. Here i had to break my promise to myself that i no longer wantt to eat meat but too bad i had to take it but god when i ate it for the first time after years of avoiding it, it was pure heaven. I don't even know how much body fat i have taken at the moment.. owh well gym will solve it.

At first my plan for easter was to go sightseeing and shopping in London but somehow i just feel nyeh about the whole thing. And As usual whenever ada holiday or weekends i would go to my other uk family, the 76 hermitage people. hahahaha.. Pi aku d sana sekejap saja. I got a last minute invitation by Amalia to join her along with the 179 Sharpley and Kaydee to her uncle's house, Uncle Peter, in Chester, Chesire... Very close to Wales. I thought we were just gonna spent our days there at his weekend house but he , Uncle Peter made plans for us. We were brought up to Snowdonia, highest mountain in was told and also a trip to Liverpool. Wohoooeee...

Let me tell you this, His house well it's in the country side and was breathtaking and beautiful. Though cold but we were so excited and enthusiastic. hahahaha.. well here are the pics in chester and when we went up to Snowdonia.

Here are the pics that were taken when we were in Liverpool...went to The Beatles museum (too bad inda sempat masuk) and shops ...also we went to Albert Docks... hahaha siuk la

Other places we visited were ..ahhh the candle factory and ice cream factory. Siuk lah the whole trip and it was worth going for it... bah i gotta go. Too long might bore ya... hahahaha


Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hahahaha... Sorry for being away for quiet sometime. Busy with assignments.

Ok... What's new with me??? Well my hair went chestnutty ginger... trying to embrace both masculinity and pretty. i believe a guy can carry them in a combo. There's this person who made an interesting remark that "...too bad i'm not man enough". Hah!!! My response to that, who cares and as long as i know i'm straight, i'm fine. And as far i know, you never had any relationship before and after... For you to judge any guy in this universe, i say you and your fat ass are in no place to have your say. And urgh!!! your ass well, it doesn't suit you and you as a girl, too bad you are not feminie enough. kan rock konon... aduh!!! So pokelan lah you.

And moving on from that sad pathetic story...well soon is brunotts game and i can't wait for the lufbruans to win again especially the netball teams... Chia You!!! I would want to put in photos taken during Chinese New Year and National Day Celebration and recent one, Leicester Games, too bad the internet too slow. Damn it!

Owh ya, Easter holiday is coming up and we only have a couple of weeks off whereas the others get twice weeks off than me. It's alright coz i get to home early. wahahaha... 2 more months and i will be flying home, looking forward for the warm breeze. yahoo... hahaha But first, assignments!!! I got 6 weeks gym training programme which i only intend to tone down my body and not more than that. I had a sprained ankle last week which was pretty damn painful and even now the pain, datang mendatang especially when i'm running. Aiyo..why me?!!!

Other than that i miss my mum, my friends back home and my best ones, Sabby, Syam, Qam, Jon, Poncho and Ibnu!!! Miss you all loads... and i will see ya soon.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A threesome weekend!!!

HAHAHAHAHA... You must be like "what?!!!" ..."Threesome!!!" hahahaha... hoel your horses there. There was nothing that involved as what's in your head right now. hahahaha...

Begini the story bejalan...

Friday afternoon, sabby came from Leicester to visit me and Kaydee. And the first thing she said to me, "I need to get a coat coz i gained like 6 kilos... and swimming esuk!" hahahah and yes she managed to find a decent coat but swimming awu tia karang. hahahaha... That night, i took her to our lufbru netball game and she just sat on a bench, watching us play. hahaha... and yes i have a sexy butt!!! Anyway, moving along...i managed to pajal kaydee tidur d rumah woodlands and ia masak butter milk chicken around 11pm ish...hehehehehe and this time it was the real butter milk chicken. No offence kay ...dua-dua nyaman. Kali around 1 am or 2 am, keluar tia gila kami ke tesco. hahahaha suping at the very early in the morning. C kaydee inda ikut coz she was phoning ngan lakinya. hehehehe....:p jangan marah or jeles pis ah...nanti balik brunei ku beramah mesra ngan ko. Lapas tesco, meliat wayang kami lagi sampai kul 5 am. hahaha then baru th tidur and we woke up kn almost 1pm kali. Kaydee went off to her hall and kami baked brownie choco fudge. nyaman jualah...

And then Kami sleepover arah kaydee.. hehehe.. siuk salnya we had dinner arah mally and introduce c ajim movie american pie...hahahahahaha cali-cali! And then kul 1am kami makan salmon lagi. Atunya...meriah...We had a phone with Joul, Ibnu and Jon. hehehehe high wah kami masa tu. antah napa kah ya. Kami tidur around 5 and woke up kn 1 pm kali . hehehehe... Plannig before sabby balik, we went to subway makan veggie patty ja and pas tu jalan th kami ke train station. hahaha and then sabby balik kami pun balik. hehehe ...

Overall, it was a great hangout lah this weekend. Biasalah whenever you are hanging out with your closest friend(s), the world becomes a happy place at that moment. waseh... poetic bunyi nya. uuuuiiii...and aku rindu mamaku, and family ku d Brunei and my adopted family d hermitage hahahaha...nanti ku melawat kamu.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Holiday is almost over...

Owh man!!!... Holiday is almost over and i'm back home in Woodlands. I have one assignment to upgrade which is stressful. Why??? coz i have three parts to add to it and it's like a fuckin' essay. Wow-wee... and to top of with that, the filling in my molar or nya orang kitani tambal gigi well tenaik and loose. It hurts and i haven't gone to the dentist yet. Not to complain coz i don't want to share that silly pain of mine with others. Menyampah ja karang. haaa... pi the pain, it comes and it goes.

Yesterday i received an e-mail from a long time friend, Ibnu. And just realised that it's been a while i haven't talked to him. Owh no wait!!! consider it ages. hahahaha...sorry my friend. i'll try making an effort updating you with mua here. Owh yeah, when i was so called vacationing at hermitage, i made new friends with Kush and Syah. Both are sisters to Minul, my senior in Loughborough. Well, meeting them was one of the best time of my and also to lots of us punya x-mas/new year holiday. hehehehe... here are some pics to show you the great time we had just before they fly back home to Brunei.

Wish ya all the best Kush and Syah.

Continuing my story. ahhh... Just recently i started back one of my all time favourite thing to do, swimming!!! yes!!! what a joy. I even dragged Sabri aka Bapak to join me but he doesn't know how to swim and aku volunteer lah ajar ia. Macam crash course lah katakan. During the holidays, man ... that dude has changed alot. Pandai tia begaya stylo-mylo, hop-hop 2 the hip hop... hahahaha bukan pulang awal-awal ia nampak dull tapi awal-awal tu banar eh nda hairan durang feelah panggil ia bapak mun he dressed so comfortably looking like a dad and even talks like one. And it was great to hang out with ya Sab, you a great dude or should i say bapak??? nanti th aku jadi lelaki pertama meng-adopt ko jadi bapak since ko banyak anak bini-bini dah. hahahahahaha...nadawah... just kidding. uuuuuuiiiii...!!! hahahahaha You people made my day.

And to Miyam, a great friend ... you rock beb!!! Siuk ku hangout dengan ko, azan, ka yus, ka haz and sesiapa saja yang terlibat. I thank you you lots a gazillion. so gald you people were around during the holidays, makin kapkun lagi tani. No regrets on that. uuuuiii...!!! any heart feelings, minta maaf ye.

Break's almost over and now back to my work.

Nanti lagi ku creta.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

moodless day

FUCK!!! I just feel so nyeh right now. I mean of all things, this!!! and sabby!!! beb!!! i need my vajay-jay bestie as soon as possible. We need a sista-to-sista talk. i just don't feel me anymore. I don't think there's a difference i felt but just my thoughts and everything lah. Exclude love life that is. tnat one well , my priority on that would be just spending time as much as possible with her though i bet she doesn't have a clue. heeee...

Tonite well it's a crappy day for a fabulous life. DuFUSS!!! my mind is going blank and i don't feel any excitement. Tomorrow, another trip to nottingham but i'm just not sure if i would want to go and join the fun. i mean if i'm still this gloomy i might just as well go home and stay home... do something productive??? hah??? assignments??? gosh!!! that i'll check em' later. hhahahahaah... college starts next week and i'm so not ready to go back to school. i'm not in a holiday mood nor a school mood. My desire and thoughts are like torn and tattered. Urgh!!!! huhuhuhu now i want my mummy so badly. huhuhuhuhuhu... is it another homesick feeling again??? NO!!! masalah cinta, inda jua. antah eh.

Here it's hard for me to find someone who really understands me other than my mum and sabby. huhuhuuhuhu... sakit hati ku eh. ARGH!!! Aku mau balik!!! huhuhuuhuh..breakdown to the max dah ni. I would wanna cry though but malas ku kan cause a scene infront of the people around me. heh... a sarcastic smile i give to myself. Now listening to songs that melayan perasaan..atu ya.., feel banar. biar tia... dari ku krek kan?...

Hopefully by tomorrow, this feeling ilang...otherwise, it will be a day tu... people!!! just be prepared!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Updates on my holiday

Balstamus!!!...dun ask me what it means but i kinda like that.

Wahahaha... It's been a while i'm away from my house in woodlands and been residing at frens house in hermitage. haaa... been home pulang but only to get my things. hahahaha Lately we kinda did lots of stuff like bowling and ice skating, which have become an addiction. hahahaha ... not to mention shopping as well. hehehehe damam dh bank ku.

Today, minul's parents arrived in loughborough and boy i am this close to breaking down. i miss my mum badly and my whole family backhome of course. huhuhuhu... mummy wo ai ni! anyway, dropping the sad story. Owh ya, planning planning kn swimming pi laum jua orang-orang yg berkenaan ada mood. hehehe... *ehem

Before i forget, been happy lately hahaha..dun ask me why but it really brought a smile on my face...which is like bright sunshine. hahahaha... ofcose la pasal pempuan pi sorry i can't disclose it coz i'm not gonna put my hopes on it. hahaha... i do believe that she knows that i sorta treat her a bit differently that i usually do with other people. hehehehe... no offence people. nah... start th ku kn breakdown sal missing my mum. huhuhuhuh... relax...chill...

owh ya... let me share with you my best day i spent in nottingham which miyam described to me that i was over the moon or perhaps i still do. hehehehehehehehehe... larak jua karang ni lappy ku. Anyway...janganth... bukan pulang malu pi karang ramai tia orang tau.hehehe...

Sabby!!! beb!!! i have new story to tell you yo!!! hehehehe and true i'm over the fucking moon. hah! trust me i am... to say it's an infatuation nda cakap it's love ...not ready to utter those words apatah lagi kn to show. hahahah and syam too!! aku ada ceta baru! And to Jon...where have you been??? walau pun enjoy cuti, i guess you have forgotten about me here. tak pe... huhuhuhuhu...aku sayang c syam ngan sabby ja.

Bah i go pas... kn melayan perassan ku dulu.