Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's been a year???


It's been a year since i posted any shit in my blog. At first my reason to write blog(s), well saja jadi pak-turut. Org be-blog diri pun kn be-blog tia jua. Jubo! Anyway, good news~i'm still alive and well. hahahahaha~ I bet people might or have assumed that i'm either dead or perhaps lazy. Lazy it is... :D I still find so amazing that it's been a year. And i feel like i have been living in uk for centuries. Centuries atu mcm inda logic jua tu ah but who cares...mi blog!:p

Anyhoots... updates~ (thinking back to last year..summer? *scratching heads* trying to recall)

First things first, i had an ok summer last year. Went for a job attachment as PE teacher, which i truly enjoyed. hahahaha...Other than that, i just prisoned myself in my own house most of the time. Why? This guy needed his break. There were dramas happening during that time as well which made me RE-evaluate my friendship with certain people. I might have and/or used to be mean to people but i've changed into being more sensible and perhaps you can call it 'mature'. hah... Some of you i bet would laugh . lols~ But banar la... I found out that even though you are friends for more than 10 years but still it cracked on me! :') I lost that friendship spark with a close friend. I guess we both have changed and we are not the same people. That's how i see it. And i respect that. But so sayang kan??? I guess friends come and go like money. Loyal ones are hard to find, including credit cards. ehe.

GOOD news!!! I shopped less this year... well, far less than i'd expected. But ok-ok si... Though i don't shop as i used to, i've learned to save-up (i know it sounds off, Khal+saving up= impossible). Pi banar la... I started to think about my own responsibilities the moment i turned 'twenteen'. Why not 20? Sal aku muda n ko inda... suck it! Sorry... Actually I'm quiet stressed-out trying to figure out on my presentation for next week. My mind went dormant on me this holiday ( 2 fuckin' weeks only!!!). WHY??? I guess my mind is over worked kali since i am workaholic ( Few knew that about me)= eseh...dedicated wah tu. :p Owh yeah, mum sent me sambal tahai and hati buyah from brunei... hahah bek jua tahai tu survive. Caya~ taisliur kn tahai. JJANG!

... Owh ya, Some might find this unbelievable but yes, aku jadi less social this year. Not trying to be a loner but just focusing on the important things like my reason here. I has been doing me good lately even though i couldn't escape from having encounter with what else~ DRAMA(s)! A relationship went awkward after intense confrontation. Imagine this- Your friends got issues *Saturdays song playing in head* and you are actually right in the middle of it without knowing about it. Kali nya, this huge thing just landed on me like a mahusive stone. So pendek cerita, now is not as it's used to.. and i miss the before. Other than that, i got confronted in msn from a particular person, sounding like he/she does not approve of my attitude= existence in Loughborough. JUDGEMENTAL berabis! I know my bitchy level went far down like downdown as i'm growing up into a sensible guy, i guess. But i was frustrated that i didn't retaliate. Owh well, I just let god handle it and i have faith and believe that the scum will get it.. big time! Sungguh kasian ya makhluk itu... Moving on~

This year i got transferred to HND ... haaa~~~ It was a surprise though. Still waiting for moe confirmation.... and it's semester 2 udh. adui! Anyway, it's tough but i won't give up. I like doing what i'm doing and you lots who don't, move over just go back to where you came from. Nyusah saja. My EX-math teacher always quote this in every lesson, 'Don't make your life complicated'. Banar th tu nampak gaya nya. Pi whatever rintangan yang tani face, face it with confidence. Aku rindu kn c khalid yg dulu tapi what can i do... It's khal now and move on babe! FIGHTING!!!

UUUU~ my story so long. should i stop? i think i should. lol. For now~


Note: will re-vamp my blog soon. Hopefully..heee. For now, vanilla (plain) it is.

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